The Queen’s official Facebook page has been met not only with nearly 170,00 ‘likes’ but also with a torrent of abuse from those who are opposed to the British Monarchy.

Buckingham Palace moderators were forced to remove dozens of comments by anti-monarchists who clicked the ‘like’ button in order to post comments on photos and posts.

A user called Welsh Andy wrote: “Why is my money being spent on this parasite when we suffering massive cuts in our public services?”

Steve Helliwell directed users to a Facebook page that denounces the Royal family as “Britain’s biggest benefits scroungers”.

Fans of the Queen were swift to stand up for her Royal Highness however. Tom Boreham wrote: “Get off this page if you don’t like the monarchy. People who are on here ‘like’ the monarchy, so if you’re trying to ‘convert’ them then you’re wasting your time.”

Other unfriendly comments on the Queen’s Facebook page came from Argentinians angry about the ongoing dispute over the Falkland Islands and Cornish nationalists.

Here are TNT we’ll own up to having a bit of an obsession with the Queen. So much so that we dedicate serious thinking time to coming up with ways for the Monarch to live life to the full, every week.

This week, we decided the Queen should get on her bike and join the Cycling Butchers in a float at the Lord Mayor’s Show.

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