Earlier this year The Indie Label launched its ‘Be Somebody’ competition.  The heats are well underway and the competition has produced some great nights of live music so far.  The beauty of this competition is that this year it is London wide, so no matter where you are based, there will be a venue close to you that is involved. 

The brains behind the be Somebody competition, is musical entrepreneur Emilio Orza. “While studying my music degree, I came to realise that there was a massive gap in the market between record labels and artist,” explains Emilio.  So Emilio decided to ‘bridge the gap’ and now helps with the development of the artist, both in and out of the recording studio, so they can move towards their goals in a more successful manner. 

Emilio continues: “That is what was missing. The industry does not spend the time and money on the development side of the musicians and, as a result, artists in their earlier stages are left to try and figure it all out for themselves”.

The competition is a way of reaching that raw talent, the singer/songwriters who need that little bit of help and a network to help get their songs ready, then heard by the public.  We have already seen a number of applicants get through to the semi-finals that are to be held later on this year.   However there are still over a hundred artists that have entered and some spaces are still available in the competition.  To enter the competition go to www.theindielabel.co.uk and fill in the form.  The prize is a one year record contract, £1000 cash, gigs, music videos…

If you don’t want to be in the spotlight, then it is well worth popping down to one or more shows to hear some of the up and coming acts on the scene. Most of the events are free to attend and promise a great night of live music.

Belushis Camden, first Monday of every month
Elixir, Euston, first Wednesday of every month
Arch 1, West Ham, first Friday of every month
Trapeze Bar, Shoreditch, third Wednesday of every month
Hand in Hand, Brixton, last Sunday of every month
Old Dispensary, Southwark, last Monday of every month
The Cuban, Camden, last Thursday of every month