When 25 year old Lucy Whittaker accepts a job at a grand house outside Florence with an eccentric elderly owner she hopes it will help heal the wounds of her affair with a married man that ended in tragedy.

But what first appears to be an Italian summer paradise and an escape from past mistakes, slowly reveals itself to be a beautiful nightmare. Trapped at the house with nowhere to go, Lucy begins to unearth the secrets of its mysterious owner, Vivien Lockhart, who Lucy is forbidden from meeting. 

At the centre of the woefully neglected yet savagely beautiful gardens stands a silent fountain. Lucy has not once heard it flow, but it never runs dry, remaining utterly silent, the still water dark and sinister in the palatial grounds of the Castillo Barbarossa.

With the west wing of the house kept locked, and the sounds of footsteps in the attics, Lucy begins to wonder if the secretive owner isn’t the only person that’s locked away in the house.

When Lucy discovers Vivien’s old diary and a mysterious figure appears by the silent fountain, she begins to unravel a tragic story of a psychotic, obsessive and possessive love triangle buried for 50 years, but whose legacy is still dangerously alive.      

Need to Know:

The Silent Fountain by Victoria Fox

6th April 2017

Published by MIRA

Paperback Original £7.99