A new study by UKMedix.com has identified the top ten myths that Britons believe will protect them against STIs.

Participants were asked what measures they could take to reduce the risk of contracting an STI, with the option to select as many as they agreed with.

The top answer was the witdrawal method (really?), followed by having sex standing up, using antiseptic wipes, going for a wee afterwards and washing with hot water.

Worryingly, people also believed that using spermicide, having sex in the shower, making the lady go on top, only being in a relationship and no kissing also made a difference. Oh, dear.

Finally, 63% of respondents confirmed that they had not been tested for STIs in the last year, with 44% confessing that they had never had a routine STI test.

Got questions about sexual health? Check out the FPA website, Brook or the NHS website.

Image credit: Thinkstock