Earlier this week the disgraced entertainer was convicted of 12 counts of abusing young girls, one of whom was as young as seven or eight.

He is due to be sentenced on Friday and has been warned he faces a custodial sentence.

The boy from Bassendean could face up to 24 years in jail, although that is unlikely because of his poor health – but it does mean he could die behind bars.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he felt ‘gutted and dismayed’ after hearing the news about the 84-year-old artist, and spoke of his sadness that the person people admired had been ‘a perpetrator’.

Harris has been spending his remaining days of freedom with his legal team, loyal wife Alwen and daughter Bindi.

Bassendean, the Perth suburb where he grew up is keen to strip all evidence of Mr Harris; there are rumours that a plaque dedicated to him is to be dug up and that he is likely to be stripped of his freeman of the town title.

Speaking to Sky News, John Gangell, the mayor of Bassendean, said that Mr Harris’ actions would not be tolerated.

“Rolf’s association with the town of Bassendean and his hero status are over,” he said. “His profile will be stripped from here.”

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