Whether you’ve got two weeks or six months, add to your life experience, your CV, and your awesome Facebook updates with a voluntary work placement abroad. From Marine Conservation in Mexico to hanging out with Buddhist monks in Laos, these placements offer the chance to develop leadership skills, team work and initiative; all of which look great to a prospective employer, whether you are fresh out of college or you just want to jack in your current job.

Global Vision International run more than 100 projects in 15 countries around the world which promise to allow volunteers to make an impact, experience new cultures and explore locations restricted to normal tourists. Here are a few of our favourites…

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Marine Conservation in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (4-24 weeks)

Travel to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and join forces with GVI’s marine conservation expedition, earning your PADI diving certificate while working on and monitoring the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest barrier reef in the world. Volunteers contribute with coral reef and fish monitoring, seasonal turtle nesting and many other tasks. This project works in conjunction with several highly regarded organisations such as Amigos de Sian Ka’an, a Mexican NGO famous for their conservation work.

 The next four-week programmes depart on August 23, September 20 and  October 18 2014. It costs £1,795pp. Longer placements are available.

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Volunteer with Buddhist Novice Monks in Laos (2-24 weeks)

Discover Laos’ ancient city of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and teach English to Buddhist novice monks, improving the quality of their education and enabling them to access more opportunities and deliver a higher quality of life for their families. You will have the opportunity to visit local sites such as the Mekong River, beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking mountains in your spare time.

The next two-week programmes depart on August 23, September 6 and September 20 2014. It costs £945pp. Longer placements are available.

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Teaching and Community Development Internship in South Africa (24 weeks)

Gain valuable experience when you join a 24-week teaching and community development internship in the beautiful city of Cape Town. The internship begins with a 12-week volunteer project, where you will learn how to plan and deliver a range of educational programmes in deprived township schools, day care centres and orphanages, gaining experience in teamwork and leadership. After successfully completing this phase you will then undertake a 12-week work placement where you will further develop your teaching skills and assist with the running of educational programmes (including childcare, sports and creative play) for young children. An exceptional opportunity to provide disadvantaged children with a richer, better-quality education while gaining invaluable teaching experience and qualifications.

The next 24-month programme departs on September 20 2014 and costs £3,495pp.

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Community Development projects in Fiji (2-12 weeks)

Help community members develop important infrastructure for future generations in either the forests of the Dawsamu District or the white sand beaches of the Yasawa Island chain in the west region of Fiji by assisting with construction projects, setting up income-generating projects and volunteering in local kindergartens and schools. As a hands-on member of the expedition team, participants will assist several critical initiatives including fresh water management, education, income generation projects, environmental initiatives, health awareness and sustainable agriculture practises. The dramatic Fijian landscape offers sweeping volcanic hillsides and beautiful crystal clear lagoons. In this picturesque environment volunteers will set to work helping community members develop important infrastructure for future generations.

The next two-week programmes depart on August 23, September 20 and October 18 2014. It costs £1,145pp. Longer placements are available. 

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Wildlife Expedition in Costa Rica (4–12 weeks)

Join a team of international volunteers on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast in the Tortugero National Park. Through hands-on work in the rainforest, you will gain a thorough understanding of this important ecosystem and contribute to its long-term conservation, while participating in important research on species’ population studies of jaguars, aquatic birds and sea turtles. Professional development is very important, and as such a range of practical skills and practical knowledge are key parts of the expedition through additional training and field experience.

The next four-week programmes depart on  August 23,  September 20 and October 18 2014. It costs £1,460pp*. Longer placements are available.