The developed infrastructure and transport connection with many European cities contribute to this. Travellers from the UK can easily book London Lviv flights in order to get to this city in two hours. Lviv, probably, is one of the few cities in Ukraine, where you can also stay in cozy budget hotels in addition to expensive ones. The main thing to remember that you need to book accommodation in advance, especially before the Easter and Christmas holidays, as well as on Independence Day.

Lviv is not just a city with a delightful architecture. Something constantly happens here. Places where you can get to the holiday can be very unexpected. After all, it’s not just the central squares and concert halls. Just imagine, you are walking around the city and suddenly get to the Armenian Street Festival or Klezmer Festival in the Jewish quarter of Lviv. You will immediately receive an invitation to join the celebrations, because you will be not able to leave without refreshments and traditional drinks. True fans of Lviv come to the city several times a year just to not miss their favourite holidays.

The creative range of Lviv is also amazing. On the one hand, it is a city of classical art. Lviv Opera House and Philharmonic are places that meet the requirements of true connoisseurs of classics. It is the city of one of the most outstanding sculptors of Europe – Ivan Georg Pinzel, whose work can be seen on the facade of St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv and in the Pinzel Museum. On the other hand, it is a city of extraordinary ideas and personalities. For example, on one of the streets near the Market Square you suddenly come across a modest monument to writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. You will learn that a man whose surname gave the name to such a phenomenon as “masochism”, lived and worked in Lviv, and his works are published in numerous editions. And this is not all the surprises that are waiting for you in Lviv.

Moreover, Lviv is suitable for visiting at any time of the year. In the summer it is full of green colours. New Year’s lights, Christmas trees and traditional chants сome to replace in winter.