With his wife and daughter away for the weekend, he makes what turns out to be the disastrous mistake of bedding the attractive woman he meets in a bar when he ought to have stayed home working.

James Dearden (who wrote the original screenplay for the 1987 film with Glenn Close and Michael Douglas starring as the lustful duo) has tried to even out the blame in his slightly updated stage version – but really there’s no excuse. Dan should, quite simply, have kept it zipped.

Mark Bazeley seems to have captured the market in errant husbands. He was totally credible in the recent screen to stage adaptation of Scenes from A Marriage, and does a decent job of conveying the escalating panic of a man forced to face up to the consequences of a misjudged two-night stand.

Natascha McElhone’s unhinged, unhappy, discarded Alex, with her Madame Butterfly fascination, competently navigates the path from assured career woman to obsessive stalker as she fights to be part of his life.

They do their best (as does Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis as Dan’s cheated-on, attractively wholesome wife) but, although it all makes for a mildly entertaining evening, they’re battling against stilted dialogue, a surfeit of scene changes and some far from convincing episodes of violence in Trevor Nunn’s watchable if uninspired production.

When: Until June 21

Where: Theatre Royal Haymarket, Haymarket, SW1Y 4HT

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