Things to Know When You Are Planning Arctic Cruise 

Cruises to Antarctica have been a dream of many for a couple of years. Today, every person can see these delightful landscapes of the white continent. The main thing is to set your mind on a vacation. Only afterwards, it is advisable to decide how and when it would be best time for your tour, to search for services to use for that purpose. Antarctica is a place for a few, and not everyone will adore this kind of recreation. This is because not many people, apart from scientists, explorers, lovers of the extreme tourism and adventure seekers, will like strong winds, critically low temperatures, lifeless polar table land, as well as huge blocks of ice. 

Therefore, before planning your north pole cruise, make sure you really want it.

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Required Documents

Antarctica doesn’t belong to any state, so no visa is necessary for visiting the white continent. However, for all cruise programs, depending on the countries of the cruise ship departure and return (usually Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Australia or New Zealand), visitors need to obtain visas of these these countries. In some cases, it may be even required to get a dual visa. In addition to the standard package of documents for obtaining a visa, travellers will need to prepare a copy of the passport and a filled out application form or information sheet (provided by the tour operator). A medical insurance as well as a special form with the data on the amount of clothing should be prepared as well. Importantly, all travellers must have a passport which expires no less than six months. Otherwise, you risk to receive a visa refusal.

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When to go on Your Antarctic Tour

The tourist season to this harsh continent lasts from November to March. Going to the mainland during October – November, you can see the Antarctic spring, the time when penguins choose a mate and as a mark of their love give stones to their beloved ones. During the period between December and January, nature blooms, and penguins start looking for food for their young offspring. The only way to see it is to take a cruise to Antarctica during that time. What’s more, there are even special family tours during which Christmas gifts are presented to children and a festive table with a children’s menu is organised. The period between January and March is already the beginning of night frosts, and the sun begins to go beyond the horizon. It is said that this time is the best for whale watching. All in all, no matter when you decide to go on a tour to Antarctic, there is always much to see there!