This discrepancy in cost can be difficult for some, but the average traveller can take great advantage of this phenomenon to explore new locales, try new foods and experience a whole new way of life. Today, we’ll discuss three very affordable countries for your next vacation or extended stay that you probably haven’t considered just yet. 


Anyone planning to travel to the Western Hemisphere needs to keep Venezuela in mind – it is now the cheapest country in said half of the globe to visit. Shocking to many, the recent drop in cost of living is being fuelled by decades of authoritarian rule and recent economic turmoil surrounding current devaluation. With tourism dropping substantially over the past 20 years, there are many former tourist spots where travellers can secure some of the best accommodations imaginable for as little as £3 per night. Trendsetters who once eyed places such as Thailand or even Haiti for their low costs of living are now beginning to descend on Venezuela, which provides a culturally rich experience at a remarkably reasonable price.


Sandwiched in between the two most populated countries in the world – China and India – the tiny nation of Nepal may not get a lot of attention as a tourist destination, but it is one very affordable and culturally fascinating place. Especially after the devastating earthquake of 2015, the cost of living in the mountainous country is lower than what you’d expect. For less than £80 per month, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment; you can sustain a decent quality of life on less than £400 per month. With plenty of natural terrain to enjoy, you’ll be able to take advantage of mountain hiking, wildlife spotting and even a trek up Mount Everest if you are feeling adventurous.


Not many people expect to find a low-cost, English-speaking country where travel can be both fun and affordable, but Belize is definitely another destination that many fail to investigate. With year-round warm weather, you won’t have to worry about cold, rain and clouds during the winter months. Just a few hundred pounds each month will go a long way toward enjoying a care-free lifestyle in this small coastal country. Whether you enjoy archaeology, fishing, scuba diving, sailing or cave exploring, there are plenty of very affordable activities in Belize along the beaches and in the mountains. Those simply visiting for a vacation will fall in love with the active culture and will want to return again in order to sample all that the country offers.

While there are literally dozens of countries in the world where travellers can get a great deal for relatively little, these three countries often go overlooked. For your next vacation or round of exploration, consider Belize, Venezuela and Nepal if you’re looking for lots of fun on a tiny budget.