The Atura Albury on Sydney’s Dean Street, claimed its trifecta at the 2015 tourism accommodation Australia NSW awards for excellence in Sydney. The hotel won brasserie/café of the year, bar of the year regional hotels and mid-range hotel of the year.

“It’s the one you strive to win and then obviously the other two awards locally will have such recognition with the bar and the restaurant just to get the locals in and enjoying what we’ve got to offer,” said general manager Jodi Brown.

“It was a fantastic outcome and such a great achievement since the massive refurbishment and rebranding of the hotel,” she said.

Formally launched as Atura Albury in December last year, the hotel has had several name changes since the original Travelodge opened in 1971.

Ms Brown said that work continued until early March, costing more than $6 million.

“The hotel hadn’t seen a change or a refurbishment like that in years,” she said.

Ms Brown felt the community had responded well to the hotel’s makeover and noted the interior had altered more than the outside.