1. Adventure Bay Charters

Perhaps the thought of getting into a cage is putting you off. Well never fear, in Port Elizabeth you can dive without even getting wet. The ocean’s scariest predator is a fascinating creature attracting an estimated 9000 tourists every year to Port Lincoln.

Visitors want to see the magnificent creature in its natural habitat. The owner of Adventure Bay Charters, Matt Waller has come up with a clever way for visitors to encounter sharks without getting wet. “I could see there was an angle of people getting in there without getting wet, scared, too cold or impatient, all which can contribute to not having a good time,” said Waller.

He invented the first submersible glass viewing area, strong enough to plunge into depths where the sharks move about. “It’s amazing how people can be entertained with wine, food and good stories,” said Waller. He claims that all the action shot in the blockbuster movie Jaws was shot at this very site. The company does not use bait to attract sharks and is committed to preservation. “This is a wildlife experience. We provide access to sharks – we do not promise sharks.” If it’s shark cage diving that you want to do then they have that to. As the creators of Australia’s first advanced eco-certified shark cage diving experience, visitors have the opportunity to view sharks from a cage and if that isn’t enough consider swimming with sealions or taking the ultimate marine full day shark adventure.


2. Shark Cage Diving Calypso Star

Jump on board the MV Calypso Star II for an exciting day of adventure, education and fun. Viewing great white sharksin their natural habitat will leave you with memories thatwill last for years.The 1-day charters are an Australian first with Port Lincoln being the only place in the country where these charters are run. Ideal if you have limited time or budget and you can do this without a diving qualification.


3. Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions

They claim to be the world’s first and original great white shark diving company so rest assured they have plenty of experience. Tours depart seasonally from North Quay Boulevard in Port Lincoln to the beautiful Neptune Islands. What puts them a head of the game is they also offer two to four day expeditions where you get to stay on location in a cabin. Imagine the excitement of that.


4. Xtreme Travel

Okay so not strictly cage diving, but if you’ve travelled to the other side of the world, why not learn to dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Courses last for seven days and start in the pool, before moving out on the reef itself. Expect to be part of group and be part of a real bonding session as you spend nights on the vessel and hostel in Cairns. If you’re feeling confident toward the end of the course have ago at a night dive and see how different types of fish and sharks come out to play as the sea turns black.


5. Shark Experience Ltd

Have you a lways wanted to go shark cage diving and see the great white shark up-close? Come eye to eye with a great white shark in the safety of a cage that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the excitement & adrenalin rush while keeping in a safe environment. The local department of conservation estimated there could be over 100 great whites in the area off the northern Titi Islands which is about 3 km from Oban Stewart Island, so you chances of seeing one is high.