Try something new

If you’ve been looking for a job simply by handing your CV into different businesses, perhaps it’s time to try something new. Why not try a website such as Jobstoday (click here for more info) or look on Twitter for the latest opportunities. By all means, keep doing what you’re doing, but don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit. Sometimes you can find jobs in the strangest of places so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Even meeting new people at the pub could help you land a job!

Set up a portfolio website

If you work in the creative industries then you can set yourself apart from other job hunters by showcasing your work online. This means you won’t have to send over PDFs and documents when you apply for a job and potential employers will be able to see your full body of work without having to request a portfolio via email. 

Start shouting about your achievements

It’s very easy to list everything you’ve ever done on a job application but that never really shows how good you were at your previous jobs. Instead, talk about the things you achieved. Tell your potential employer how you improved customer satisfaction, generated high conversion rates via a new website you built, or about any awards you or your employer won thanks to your hard work. That’s right, sound your own trumpet.

Take another look at your CV

If you’ve been searching for jobs and haven’t been getting anywhere then it might be time to take a look at your CV instead of blindly sending it out hoping it’ll do the job. Ask someone else to have a look over it too; they might be able to spot things you’ve been glossing over this whole time. 

List your relevant achievements, make sure it’s easy to read, keep it concise and, most important of all, be honest. After claiming you can speak fluent Spanish and dance flamenco, it can be incredibly embarrassing when your interviewer puts you on the spot. It could also lose you a potentially ideal job.

Refine your personal statement

When you talk about who you are, make sure it tells a story and accurately reflects who you are. This is where you can make a mark, so present something that will stand out. Keep it relevant though – most employers won’t be interested in how quickly you drunk your yard of lager. You might talk about your passion for playing football, which shows your ability to work in a team; or how you love to write – perfect for any creative role. 

Use strong, positive words and make sure you don’t put anything negative in your CV or cover letter. 

Be proactive

Simply applying for jobs on job sites isn’t being proactive. It’s a great way to find a position but sometimes you need to take that extra step. Go out and meet important people in your local area and in the industry you want to work in. Attend networking events, listen to influential speakers and be active in your community.  

There’s also no harm in approaching businesses directly. Be polite and offer your CV just in case they have something in the pipeline or are thinking about hiring in the future. This approach might not bring up anything immediately, but it brings you a step closer to your dream job as at least your CV is with the right people. 

Now go forth and tackle the 2015 jobs market with your own unique (and professional) style.