Mixing up the angles and heights of the shots are a great way to create a video that gives a multi-dimensional effect, and keeps the viewer interested – and we suggest these accessories for action cameras that are designed perfectly for this! Don’t forget to get some scenery and ski lift selfies to break up the action and keep a good flow for the final edit!

White Knuckles!

The Knuckles Grip super compact accessory (RRP £14.99) allows you the freedom of movement to film for whenever you need your balance the most, and is ideal for catching a variety of angles. It’s also small enough to pop in your pocket when not in use, so isn’t too bulky to take up the mountain.


The Evolve Extension Pole (RRP £44.99) is great way to get some different height shots.  Aim at forehead – higher than your face – to get the best selfie shots! Hold down low when carving or getting some air, or get up close to your mates while shredding. This selfie stick also doubles up as a tripod, so you can plant it at the base of a jump or rail at the snow park to get some rad shots of your tricks!

Sticker me up!

The Adhesive Mount Set (RRP £9.99) includes both curved and flat mounts and are lightweight, discreet, and can provide close to the action footage. Stick a camera on the front of your board, as having a camera mounted low can make even the smallest of air look awesome! Attach one to your helmet for some first person views, and relive that gnarly off piste run your mum won’t be able to watch (perhaps don’t show her that bit)!

Strap it on!

If you don’t want to go sticky, then the Head Strap Mount (RRP £9.99) and Chest Mount (£14.99) provide a great alternative to get those shots. They also come in black, green, pink, and blue, so you can match it up with your ride colours. After all, style on the slopes is paramount right?!

 One for the skiers

No need for a selfie stick, you already have two! Buy a Bike Mount (RRP £9.99) and attach to your pole to get up high or down low angles. Mix it up to get a good variety for editing, and make sure you catch sight of your friends coming down behind you (to prove you were in front if nothing else!)

When one just isn’t enough!

When an action camera comes as cheap as the Escape HD5 (RRP £49.99), why not buy a couple and get all those different angle shots at the same time? The Duo double mount (RRP £7.99) can attach to any single mount, to provide double the action for your final cut.

Spare batteries

When you’re a good 6 lifts from home, the powder is falling and the adrenaline’s pumping for the last few runs home, the last thing you want is to miss those beaut shots of the sun setting over the mountains. Make sure you take some spare batteries (RRP £4.99) to capture those memories of that oh-so awesome last run to après ski!

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All of the above accessories and mounts are compatible with our Kitvision Escape Action Camera range, as well as Go Pro, and are available from Amazon UK. For more information visit kitvision.co.uk