YouTube user ‘JasonTFarmer’ posted a video of himself attempting to snatch a tomato hung from the ceiling, from in between the swiftly rotating blades of a ceiling fan in his kitchen.

The footage shows him stepping onto his kitchen table before headbutting the fan and falling to the floor.

The scene looks completely set-up – JasonTFarmer does appear to stick his head in between the blades instead of his arm.

However, it proves the lengths some people are prepared to go to for a YouTube hit.

The video is followed by another, post-match analysis of sorts.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a humourous watch, with the poster’s dictionary definition fail providing thousands of chuckles worldwide. The video is prefaced with a health warning to those who might also be tempted to try the trick at home.

Here is the hopeless stunt:

And here is JasonTFarmer’s post-match analysis: