‘Alien corpse’ kept in freezer by Russian woman

Photos were circulating on paranormal blogs of an alien body supposedly kept in a freezer by a woman in Russia. This was the proof we’d been waiting for! But it was all dead. And looked a bit like a mouldy marrow.

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Man mistakes moon for UFO, dials 999

A man from Hertfordshire made a call to 999 to report a UFO flying near his house before realising that it was actually the moon.

“I made a mistake. I thought I saw something really strange, but I didn’t. You won’t believe this…”

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‘Dead alien’ body found in Russia

With ten million views and counting an video showing a dead alien apparently found in Russia showed a mangled body in the snow…ET was in a bit of a bad state.

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UFO files made public by MoD: Sightings, abductions, contact

UFO files containing witness reports of alien spaceships over UK airspace, were made public in July by the Ministry of Defence. All the sightings and encounters since a hotline was set up in the 70’s. One witness said “I have developed contact with these craft and their enemy forces.”

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A man from another galaxy?

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No evidence of aliens says White House…but we’re looking

Of course, they would deny it. By denying it, they must mean there’s something worth denying! And so the conspiracy continues. The White House denied withholding evidence that aliens exist, much to the chagrin of UFO spotters everywhere.

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