Parents say they can hear the doll babbling: “Hey crazy bitch!”

But the company says the baby doll, from the shop’s You & Me Interactive Triplets range sold only in the US, isn’t spouting profanities.

A spokeswoman for the toy shop said: “Of course we would never sell a doll that uses profanity of any kind. As with many talking baby dolls what you are hearing is baby babble.”

But one customer, Sue from Tulsa, Oklahoma, wrote on the site: “Return the dolls and boycott Toys R Us.”

And a grandmother from Idaho wrote: “I’m outraged.”

But this isn’t the first time a toy has had a potty mouth. In 2009 another mum was shocked to hear her daughter’s Hannah Montana doll say the F-word.

Instead of singing “later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some carolling”, the doll suggests having some “fucking pie”.

And a cursing doll ruined little Alicia Bell’s fourth birthday party when during a rendition of Ring A Ring O’Roses, it started shouting: “Arse! Arse!”