Chinese Australian Yong Wang, who defended the couple, witnessed a middle aged white man confronting the tourists. 

Wang told the Sydney Morning Herald “He started to accuse the Korean lady in the video [for] not being able to speak English. The lady’s son started to apologise and explain she is a tourist. Then he got worse.”

“I felt that I had to stand up when he called the lady disgusting because I just thought ‘what if that happened to my mother when she was visiting Australia?”

The man appeared to be drunk and other passengers on the bus chose to ignore him or laugh nervously.

A passenger on the bus captured the incident on her smartphone and uploaded it to YouTube under the username heidivonb, stating ‘This video documents an unpleasant incident that took place on the 470 bus at Townhall Sydney Australia; on Easter Saturday, 30th of March, around 7:30pm’

Watch the video below. Warning: not safe for work, contains swearing and racism.