Toy Story 3 – starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Michael Keaton

Movie franchises tend to run out of steam by the time they reach their third instalment. Not so with Toy Story 3, as Pixar delivers yet another near-perfect blend of animation, vocal work and top-notch storytelling.

We catch up with the toys when they are confronted by retirement. Andy is off to college and his last remaining toys, including Woody (Hanks) and Buzz (Allen), are scrambling to get his attention. After a few twists in the plot, the group find themselves at daycare where, surrounded by a bunch of new toys, they have to come up with a daring escape plan.

While Toy Story 3 covers a lot of familiar territory (abandoned toys needing to find a way home), the visual gags and script are so sharp, you won’t really care. All the new characters are memorable – Keaton’s frustrated Ken doll deserves special mention – while Pixar’s much-vaunted visuals are further enhanced with 3D technology.

A film with emotional depth that will keep the kids entertained as well is further proof that, when it comes to animated films, Pixar is simply in a different league.

Good for: Those who believe all threequels suck.



Review: Pierre De Villiers