That should give you some idea of the vibe of Noche de Brujas. 

Each year hundreds of shamans, witches and spiritual healers descend on the Catemaco to perform a mass cleansing ritual, which is supposed to get rid of all the previous year’s bad energy.

Why: Witchcraft in this region of Mexico dates back centuries, but it was only in 1970 that a shaman launched this supernatural get-together.

The event has since become a bit of a tourist trap and visitors will be pulled in every direction to be sold amulets or have their fortune told at considerable expense.

Do it because: Whether you fancy yourself as mystic or not, you can still dive into the festivities – after all, Catemaco is known as the capital of witchcraft.

So visit a ‘bruja’ (witch), join a black mass and try your hand at casting a spell or two. 

March 1 – 2


Photo: Getty