The Munich festival’s name translates to ‘Strong Beer Festival’ and no ale served here has less than 7 per cent alcohol content.

This is the only time of year these beers are available and the ceremonial keg tapping at the Paulaner-Keller brewery is so important it’s televised nationally.

Why: It might not be in the spirit of self-denial but this boozy event is actually a Lenten tradition.

Paulaner monks in the 17th century brewed thick doppelbock to help settle their rumbling tummies when they were fasting in the lead up to Easter and were only allowed to consume liquids. 

Do it because: This is a chance to get stuck into a much less touristy beer event than Oktoberfest in Germany – the focus is firmly on the ales.

Plus surely this is a much more enjoyable way to celebrate a Lenten tradition than, say, giving up chocolate … 

March 1 – 17


Photo: Getty