I’ll go first. Loads of skinny ballpoints from a Sheraton, because they fitted perfectly into the slot of my notebook. The kind staff even replaced them every day, so I left with five. Thanks guys!

Toiletries, yep, goes without saying. I’m particularly fond of teeny nail files – big shout out to the Shangri La for having extra long-lasting ones.

I’ve swiped fistfuls of pillow chocolates off chambermaid trolleys, and embarrassingly, once took home two miniature Tabasco bottles that arrived with room service. I don’t even like hot sauce, I just thought they were cute, so lobbed them straight into my case.

But my biggest ever theft was from a really crap hotel – I won’t say where in case they track me down with a bill.

It was a total revenge steal. I’d suffered a week of ants in the bathroom, thick cigar smoke drifting under the door, had to fend off a sleazebag concierge and been charged £7 for a bottle of Sprite. So that’s right, I hit them where it hurts and packed the waffle bathrobe. Take that, suckers.

Over half of the UK women and almost two thirds of men surveyed by holidayextras.com this week say it’s wrong to help yourself to the contents of your room on holiday, even the bathroom goodies.

I know I’ve taken so much stuff over the years, they’ll probably put out an international warrant for my arrest if anyone official reads this. But really – most people don’t even take the toiletries?

I just don’t believe it, so please ‘fess up! Write in and tell me what you think it’s OK to take home from a hotel room.

Agree or disagree? Email your views (or a bill) to helen.elfer@tntmagazine.com

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