According to the Daily Mail, new research by Facebook has shown that when the accounts of 3,000 people were analysed over 12 months, 42% of posts were travel-related.

The research also revealed that posts about ‘holidays’ were in the top three categories for 51% of the users who were studied, ranking above food, pets, weddings and even babies.

The figures show that even when we’re not jetting off somewhere spectacular, we’re heading to Facebook for a quick look through our friends’ photos and videos. According to the research, 83% of us love looking at holiday snaps (could the high incidence of bikinis be something to do with this?), even if we’re not planning on heading somewhere hot ourselves.

However, the research also showed that a huge proportion of users – a whopping 91% – can’t wean themselves off Facebook whilst they’re away, and will access Facebook at least twice whilst they’re on holiday. Crumbs.

Image credit: Getty