yurbuds Inspire Pro sports earphones

We don’t know about you but we can’t go for a run without plugging into our iPod to help motivate us. Our only issue was that our bulky headphones kept slipping off and, in all honesty, made our ears sweat (yes, ears sweat). But recently we’ve discovered yurbuds sports earphones.

The silicon buds are moulded to fit in your ear so they won’t fall out as you move around (we can vouch for this, we even tried head banging in them), plus they’re more comfortable than regular earphones.

If you get the ones suited to the iPhone there is a mic on the cord, so you can also use it for hands-free phone calls, and the buttons allow you to answer calls, as well as change the volume and track on your music without having to pause to find your player’s buttons.

yurbuds Inspire Pro for women are available are available in pink, aqua or purple. Plus all the important components are sweat-resistant, which is good news for us and our sweaty ears.

yurbuds Inspire Pros are £49.95. Buy them online at store.apple.com/uk/search/yurbuds

N.B. Run to the Beat (runtothebeat.co.uk) is taking place on September 8, which is the only running event to encourage you to wear your iPod and has live DJs playing along the route. Grab your yurbuds and go along!

Firefly recovery device

As if the pain of a hard-core cardio or strength workout wasn’t enough, our bodies like to punish us for our efforts for at least two days afterwards, inflicting us with the movement capabilities of an arthritic 80-year-old and agony every time we need to stand, sit, walk, or, horror of horrors, climb a flight of stairs.

If you are training for an athletic event, this can make sticking to a tough schedule near impossible as your achy body screams for a rest. But there is a solution. The new firefly recovery device helps reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) by increasing circulation, thus accelerating the removal of the metabolic waste, which is what causes the muscle ache.

You stick the device on each leg, just below the knee, right after your training session. Feeling a bit like a cyborg, I switched the device on so it was flashing and sending gentle electronic pulses down my legs. Causing a slight leg spasm, my flatmates had a good laugh when I lifted my legs off the floor and my feet appeared to have a life of their own as they twitched with each pulse. However, you can turn the strength up or down, and you soon get used to the sensation. I kept mine on for around 20 hours (you can wear them for up to 24 hours), and I managed to sleep easily in them.

The next day I didn’t ache at all and so managed to train again the next evening. The day after that, having not used the device, I did ache – although notably less in my lower legs than usual. If you have signed up for some hardcore training, particularly running, the firefly device will be invaluable to you.

From £20 for one pair (one use only). Buy them online at fireflyrecovery.com