Libby Trickett plans on swimming at the 2012 London Olympics but is a bit edgy about sharing her coach with rival Jess Schipper.

The triple Olympic gold medallist revealed she was aiming for a third Games after weighing up her future following last month’s Beijing Olympics.

“The goal for me is definitely 2012,” Trickett told the Nine Network today.

“Probably after the Olympics I had to make a decision whether I did want to go on or not and I still feel like I have more to give in the sport and I have more to achieve.

“That is what is driving me and obviously four years is a very long time and you sort of never know what is going to happen in those four years.

“But I think I have more to give.

“I would love to be one of the swimmers to have achieved a third Olympics.”

She admitted to being a little nervous about the prospect of training alongside Schipper under Stephan Widmer after the former butterfly world champion recently switched camps from Ken Wood.

“I will be honest. Yeah of course, I have never personally come across a situation like this and it will be very, very challenging to say the least,” Trickett said.

“I am an incredibly competitive person and to have that day to day will definitely be challenging at times and it will be interesting to see how it works out.

“But it is also very exciting at the same time to try and create an even greater competition.”

The 50m and 100m freestyle world-record holder had a below-par Olympics, winning the 100m butterfly title at the Water Cube before missing out in her two freestyle events.

She capped the meet off on a positive note by anchoring home the victorious 4x100m medley relay on the final day of competition in China.

Schipper collected the bronze medal behind Trickett in the 100m butterfly in Beijing before the pair combined for the winning medley relay.

Trickett’s comments come before she takes part in the Australian Olympic team’s nation-wide homecoming parades starting in Sydney tomorrow.