Some of the greatest times of my life have been spent at parties surrounded by friends. When humans get together with music and alcohol, wonderfully fun things can happen. 

On top of good company and good wine, a location can really set apart a decent party from a spectacular one. This article is a celebration of the wild heady nights we share with each other, combined with some of the most incredible party venues in the world, where attention to detail and a no-expense-spared attitude create some of the best nights out in the world.

Although the event you plan may be a bit more low key, have a read through to get inspiration from some of the best venues in the world.

Starting off abroad in Prague, Karlovy Lazne is perhaps one of the most famous clubs in the world. The five story venue plays a different type of electronic dance music on each floor, so you can be sure that there is a floor to fit your dancing needs. This club has become a place that has reached legendary status as one of the venues you have to party at before you kick it.

The Warehouse Project in Manchester’s Piccadilly is a 10,000 capacity nightclub that has played host to some of the best dance acts in the world. The gritty location underneath Manchester Piccadilly station contrasts well with refined electronic tunes and the traditional warm Mancunian hospitality. All these things come together to make one of the best nights in the UK, if not the world.

Full Moon parties are being celebrated the world over as a poor excuse to jazz up a slow Thursday in a grim London nightclub. I would recommend booking your flight and heading out to the Full Moon party held at Koh Phangan in Thailand, where the moon is said to be brightest and most beautiful. This place has to be seen to be believed, with up to 30,000 revellers coming together to turn a beach into one of the hottest nightclubs in the world.

Calvin Harris is set to bring in the new year at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, cementing its claim as party capital of the world. Hakkasan is a certified megaclub with floor to ceiling LED screens and chart topping DJs on the decks. Calvin Harris recently was unable to play a gig at Hakkasan so what DJ was brought in at short notice to cover? Only DJ Tiesto!

BCM in Ibiza has been described by many as a bit crazy, a bit overwhelming with an ‘anything can happen’ atmosphere. The sound system, lasers and smoke combine with world-class DJs to ensure that you can’t truly have ‘done’ Ibiza without visiting this spot.

Schottenhamel at Munich Oktoberfest is where the festival is opened and the first pints are consumed. The atmosphere in this 10,000 capacity tent is said to be energetic and loud with the Unterbrunner brass band music playing great German hits of the past. Many of Munich’s young people are making this venue their location of choice to celebrate Oktoberfest, making the Schottenhamel one of the best party venues in Germany. 

Fabric, based in Farringdon, London is home to one of the best nights out London has to offer. The massive venue has five rooms of different music styles and, along with the huge dance floors, there are lots of hiding place and cubby holes to create a fun atmosphere. Often there are suprise MCs to draw in the crowds and add an air of unpredictability to what has been voted one of the best venues in the world.