Jennifer Lubinski a lawyer from Baltimore in Maryland was walking through the lobby of the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware when an armed man burst in and opened fire, killing two civillians and wounding three others.

A shootout between the man and on duty police officers involving “multiple bullets” lasted until the gunman was eventually slain.

Ms Lubinski, using her Twitter handle @jslubinski, took to the social media medium to detail her ordeal.

“You don’t know what you’re going to do when something like this happens. I hid in a corner shaking like a baby,” she wrote.

But it was her very first tweet that brought the conservative, pro-gun, NRA stooges out of the woodwork.

“I just witnessed my first shooting. DE chancery court lobby. Multiple down. Police here. Where’s the #NRA as I’m hiding in parking lot?”

Many of those righteous protectors of the archaic Second Amendment fired back at Ms Lubinski, as they seem so want to do.

One absolute ‘patriot’, Rick Canton (@rumblindurango) hurled this witty retort “I love when Liberals jump on the backs of dead victims and scream at the NRA”.

Obviously keeping in mind that this woman had just been involved in a terrifying, life threatening situation Mr Canton continued to tweet at Ms Lubinski.

“ALTERNATE HEADLINE – Lawyer with an anti-NRA agenda can’t help tweeting anti-NRA rhetoric in response to tragedy.”

Some other absolute Turkey managed to sneak Jesus – most pro-gun lobbyists second favourite thing on earth after firearms – into a Twitter tirade.

“I’m guessing @jslubinski wasn’t down with #NRA or Christians before this morning. This looks more like an opportunity than a tragedy to her”

To the Baltimore lawyers credit, Lubinski stuck to her guns (pardon the pun) and met the trolls head on.

“Please keep trolling me #NRA. I won’t shut up”. She said: “I’m angry at what gun culture is doing to my country.”

And why shouldn’t she be? It seems the only way to be safe from guns in the United States is to live in some backwards, secessionist, overly christian, sweltering hell hole of a place below the Mason-Dixon line, where each and every Earl and Cletus is packing so much heat that nobody has the stones to walk into a public place and start shooting indiscriminately for fear of throwing their lives away without being able to take too many others with them.

Rant over.