Tsuru Sushi

Three London locations: Bankside, Bishopsgate, Mansion House

The scene:
Airy, modern and minimalist with white walls, wooden tables and big windows.

Tsuru Sushi is certainly more stylish that it’s take-away-sushi competitors but it’s functional and pleasant rather than intimate and romantic, so not the place for a hot date. Great for a treat-yourself lunch or as a laid-back place to go with your mate in the evening.

The service is impeccable. Staff are friendly, efficient and attentive.

The grub: Tsuru Sushi’s big selling point is that it uses only sustainable sources of fish, meaning you no longer need to weigh up your conscience over your palate when it comes to sushi. The yellowfin tuna is line-caught and the chicken free range.

We begin with some Ippin – Ryouri (Japanese tapas). The seared scallops, tiger prawns and asparagus in garlic butter are flavourful and delicious and the vegetable tempura is satisfyingly sinful.

Next, we go for the Tsuru Premium Sushi Moriawase – a range of nigiri and maki sushi.  There’s a good selection and the fish is tender, tasty (and guilt free!). We decide, however, that the ‘Japanese tapas’ dishes were even better.

If you love unagi (eel) order the Dragon Rolls.

Our least favourite part of the meal is the Katsu curry, which is too rich and slightly uninteresting.

Behind the bar:
Hot or cold Akashi Tai sake from a boutique sake brewery, wine, Asahi beer on tap.

Bill please: Japanese tapas dishes hover around £4. The sushi selection we share is £13.95, Katsu curry is £6.95.

Verdict: Our new favourite sushi pitstop. Great food in attractive, no-nonsense surroundings and, best of all, you can feast away knowing that everything you eat comes from a sustainable source and virtually all packaging is recyclable.


– Frankie Mullin