From the moment you enter the intentionally claustrophobic acting space, you know exactly where you’re being transported to – in this case a seedy motel room in the Mojave Desert (courtesy of designer Ben Stones) where stuntman Eddie has driven almost two and half thousand miles to track down his on/off lover May. An enigmatically ghostly Old Man in a cowboy hat (Joe McGann) observes from the side-lines, occasionally commenting on the often violent interaction between this volatile duo as Eddie tries – roughly, tenderly, unpredictably  – to persuade May to come back to him and give their always doomed relationship yet another go.

credit: Marc Brenne

Lydia Wilson’s May clings, limpet-like, to Adam Rothenberg’s congenitally unreliable Eddie (they’ve acted together before in TV’s Ripper Street) before ordering him to get out once and for all. Doors slam, lights flicker and May’s new date, nice-guy Martin, is caught, out of his depth, in this 70 minute tussle between two damaged people irresistibly drawn to each other since high school.


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Until 17th December 2016 

£27.50 – £35.00