Rocio Pavon-Navarrete, 47, stole money from the famous illusionist and magician by stealing blank cheques whilst cleaning Brown’s home.

After failing to turn up at Southwark Crown Court yesterday claiming illness, a judge warned that he would send police to arrest Pavon-Navarrete.

The cleaner stole two blank cheques in 2010, although Brown who trusted his employee and had left them for an emergency. The cheques had already been signed by Brown’s manager. Judge David Higgins called the theft “the grossest breach of trust.”

“I wish her to be under no illusions as to what the future is likely to hold given the very serious criminality,” he continued.

The cheques were then alegedly passed on to Bernard Ayanbanjo, 48, who has been accused of paying them into his bank account. The trial continues tomorrow.

Main image: Getty