“Pat McQuaid’s comments expose the hypocrisy of this leadership and demonstrate why he is incapable of any meaningful change,” said Hamilton.

“Instead of seizing the opportunity to instil hope for the next generation of cyclists, he continues to point fingers, shift blame and attack those who speak out. Tactics that are no longer effective. Pat McQuaid has no place in cycling.”

McQuaid yesterday told a press conference that the UCI would accept the evidence of the USADA and not appeal against the penalties imposed on Lance Armstrong, including the stripping of seven Tour de France titles.

He also attacked Hamilton and Floyd Landis, who have written books about their experiences in professional cycling, including evading drug testers while in Armstrong’s Discovery and US Postal teams.

Their testimonies, among others, were key evidence in the USADA investigation against Armstrong.

“Landis and Hamilton are being made out to be heroes. They are as far from heroes as night and day. They are not heroes. They are scumbags. All they have done is damage to the sport,” McQuaid said.

“We called Hamilton in [after he failed a dope test],” said McQuaid. “He said our machines were wrong. We said ‘we are after you’. He was positive two, maybe three times, eventually he was thrown out of the sport.”

Meanwhile, Armstrong has removed “7-time Tour de France champion” from his Twitter profile. It now reads, “Raising my five kids. Fighting Cancer. Swim, bike, run and golf whenever I can.”

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