Harry the Psychic Crocodile has picked the AFL Grand Final winners and he’s plumming for Collingwood.

The psychic croc sprang to fame when he correctly predicted that Julia Gillard would win Australia’s Federal Election. The saltwater crocodile, who lives at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, also had luck (er, proved his psychic abilities) by picking Spain to win the World Cup.

Yesterday, Harry was presented with chickens dangled from Collingwood and St Kilda flags as the crowd waited with bated breath for the croc to speak.

After tuning in to the aura of the flags for a few moments, Harry the Psychic Crocodile revealed that the Pies will be the winners of tomorrow’s AFL Grand Final.

TNT will be screening the AFL Grand Final live from the Elk Bar tomorrow. Join us for beer and Jumbucks pies!

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