The ‘City email girl’ at the centre of an email that went viral across the world, was today revealed to be a primary school teacher in west London.

Jenni Palmer was referred to in the email, which became a global internet phenomenon, after a discussion between her ex-boyfriend and another man over her attractiveness and availability was mistakenly sent to her.

Email about ‘hot’ London girl goes viral

It then landed in the inboxes of office workers round the world.

Palmer, 24, who works at Barlby Primary School in Ladbroke Grove, was the subject of City broker Sebastian Marsh’s email to her former boyfriend Harry Fildes, asking if he would have “any sort of problem” with him pursuing the “hot” blonde.

Property surveyor Fildes, 25, replied, encouraging 24-year-old Marsh, but warned: “I don’t dislike many people but she is one.

“She massively messed me around… I should have known better! Feel free to pursue her, yes, she is HOT!”

Instead of simply copying Palmer’s email address into his reply, Fildes accidentally CCd her, adding her to the exchange.

Fildes and Marsh have both been suspended from their jobs for “breach of email policy”.