Every tribe or region has a delicacy or specialty, including banana dishes, stews and pastes.

Try out the smaller local restaurants for foods made from local vegetables, yams, potatoes, bananas and fruits, while some larger restaurants and hotels also add traditional dishes to their menu or buffets.

Matooke is a banana dish boiled in a sauce of peanuts, fresh fish, meat or entrails.

Sun-dried fish is a delicacy in the eastern region, while many tribes also eat their fish smoked or fresh. Nile Perch from Lake Victoria is easily available.

Tropical fruits like mangoes, paw paws, oranges, tangerines, avocados, jackfruits, lemons, an abundance of sweet bananas, sugar cane, berries, guava and pineapples are found all over.


Light and heavy lager beers are on sale everywhere. The most popular beer is Bell, which is locally brewed.

Uganda Waragi is a national gin also brewed locally.

Look out for wine brewed with bananas and laced with sorghum.

Wines from Europe and South Africa can be found in most upmarket restaurants and shops.


Bring water to the boil before you drink it, make ice or cook with it.