Getting There

By Air – The Entebbe International Airport lies only 40km from the capital Kampala. It is serviced by a number of international airlines, including Egypt Air, SN Brussels Airlines, British Airways, South African Airways, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, Rwandair Express, Egypt Air and Ethiopian Airlines.

Taxis and minibuses are pretty active between the airport and Kampala.

An alternative that could prove to be cost effective with some advanced research is to fly from Europe or America to the Kenyan capital Nairobi and take a bus from there.

By bus – Direct buses between Kampala and Nairobi run daily. The journey can take up to 15 hours, so be sure to pack lunch and water. The two border posts used by most visitors travelling by bus from Kenya are Malaba and Busia.

From Tanzania the bus route runs through the Kagera salient on the western side of Lake Victoria between Bukoba and Masaka. From Rawanda the crossing point is between Kabale and Kigali via Gatuna in Rwanda to Katuna in Uganda.

Getting around

By air – Small airlines offer scheduled and charter flights, but this could prove costly.

By bus – Buses connect larger towns, while the Ugandan postal service minibuses travel from Kampala to all major centres several times a week.

Self-drive – Roads link most major centres in the southern part of Uganda, but some require four-wheel drive vehicles. It is best to enquire where you can drive with your car or your rental vehicle before you set off.

Rental car companies are based at the Entebbe Airport, the capital Kampala and some major towns. Drivers need an international drivers licence.

Taxis – Most locals get around by sharing privately owned minibuses. You pay a fixed price before you leave, which will not happen until the “taxi” is full.

Kampala boasts some bicycle taxis called “boda-boda”. Negotiate your price before you hop on.