The Indian summer we’ve been enjoying will come to an abrupt halt on the weekend with weather forecasters predicting freezing temperatures.

Frigid winds will blow in from Iceland sending temperatures plummeting to -3 C, but there will be one last hurrah of warm weather – for southern England at least – with temperatures expected to peak at 23 C.
 “It will be breezy and there will be a few showers for the next few days but it will still remain fairly warm in the South and mild in the North and Scotland,” said Met Office forecaster Tim Thorne.

“However, by the weekend, instead of weather from the Atlantic there will be winds coming in from Iceland and the North East, so things will get a little bit chillier."

Snow and Travel chaos across Britain as the Big Chill bites

UK ice warnings as big freeze contines across UK

In a bid to avoid the mayhem caused by “the big freeze” last winter, councils have been stockpiling grit and Britain’s road, rail and airport services have all made preparations for icy conditions.

Peter Box, LGA economy and transport chairman said: “Whatever surprises the weather may have in store for us this winter, motorists can count on council highways teams being better prepared than ever before.”

“Local authorities have been hard at work making preparations for this year ever since the end of last winter and keeping the roads open will be our number one priority.”

“This year councils have more salt and better plans to make it go further, while even more volunteers and community groups have been lined up to help with the great gritting effort.”