After six centimetres of snow was dumped on Heathrow on Sunday, the airport said in a statement it would be slashing half of its 1,300 flights. Today the flights schedule appears to be back to normal, but airport officials have warned there could be more disruptions.

And it looks as though the wintry weather is here to stay.  Forecasters are warning that the UK could face snow and freezing temperatures until the beginning of March.

%TNT Magazine% snow primrose hill
Londoners hit Primrose Hill for a weekend sledging session

This morning, some parts of Britain were coated in 14 cm of snow and temperatures as low as -8.6C were recorded in Yorkshire.

In London, the snow is expected to give way to rain and sleet with the risk of icy patches forming on roads, according to the Met Office.

%TNT Magazine% snow weather london 6
A fountain in London’s Trafalgar Square turns to ice

Both the Met Office and The Highways Agency have issued new warnings to travellers to take care while driving in these conditions.

Although the capital can expect some sunny periods on Tuesday, temperatures will not rise far above freezing.

London can expect more snow on Thursday night and severe night time frosts throughout the end of the week.

%TNT Magazine% snow weather london 3
Snow covers the branches of the trees in Alexandra Park, London

%TNT Magazine% snow weather london 5
Outside London, a snowman is built in Redhill, Surrey

%TNT Magazine% snow weather london 4
Two girls sledge down the hill in Alexandra Park

%TNT Magazine% snow weather london 1
A jogger braves the icy pavements to run through Trafalgar Square