Obama sent the troops to help evacuating diplomats and Americans after terrorists killed the diplomats Chris Stevens, Sean Smith and two other US officials, the Telegraph writes.

The president, speaking outside the White House on Wednesday, said: “The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack.”

He said the US marine antiterrorist security team apart from increasing security also went to Libya to find those responsible.

The raid, on the anniversary of the 11 September attacks, is said to have come after a protest against an American movie that makes fun of the Prophet Mohammed.

As a gang of around 200 men with guns and rocket-propelled grenades gathered outside the consulate and started firing, Stevens, 52, fled to the roof but died of smoke inhalation.

The White House is investigating if analysts and former jihadists are right claiming that the attack was well-planned and carried out by the al-Quaeda head Ayman al-Zawahiri because a Libyan deputy died in a US strike in June.

Wissam Buhmeid, commander of the pro-government local defence force, told Reuters: “There were definitely people from the security forces who let the attack happen because they were themselves offended by the film; they would absolutely put their loyalty to the Prophet over the consulate. The deaths and injuries and attacks are all nothing compared to insulting the Prophet.”

A man, who calls himself Sam Bacile and claims to be an Israeli-born Jew, made the film that has caused actions in Cairo and Afghanistan, writes Associated Press.

When asked if he has learned something from the reactions of his work, he said: “I feel the security system [at embassies] is no good. America should do something to change it.”

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