The unidentified man, who bravely and possibly drunkenly threw himself into the mud for an epic slide during James Morrisson’s set at the festival, landed right under a urinating female on the edge of the crowd.

YouTube uploader jame5blue explained the grim scenario, saying “This was not staged, initially thought i was videoing a man sliding through the mud at weston park only to see him slide between the legs of an unsuspecting girl squatting for a piss leaving him with a mouthful of her warm beer drizzle…anyone who was there please vouch for this with comments…you know who you are!!!!”

Thousands of people have seen the video and been suitably grossed out. One popular comment from user Tim Mobbs, who clearly isn’t a fan of the Birmingham and Essex festival with a reputation for hard partying reads “You don’t have to mudslide for this degredation… Simply buying a ticket to V Festival means you’ve been pissed on in a deeper, more depressing way.”

The V Festival audiences hit the headlines this week with the revelation that X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd was bottled off stage with warm wee by overexcited festival-goers who disapproved of her show.

Watch the video below. Euwwww!