There are two schools of thought when it comes to Valentine’s Day: those who can’t get enough of its fluffy pink paraphernalia, and those who wince at the embarrassing outpouring of commericialised emotion. Whichever your preference, there’s something to suit you going on in London – whether you fancy going all out with cheesy love tunes, or ignoring everything heart-shaped.

If you fall into the first school of thought, and can’t bear to be separated from your beloved for even a moment, put your money
where your mouth is at Supperclub. To celebrate February 14, couples dining at the Westbourne Park venue will spend all night handcuffed to each other, even when nature calls.

“Valentine’s Day is a celebration of being in love and sharing your life with your partner,” general manager Mark Cutler says. “And Supperclub London is known for always pushing the boundaries.”

Guests will dine while reclining on huge white sofas, in a venue decorated to look like the inside of a futuristic spacecraft with “weird and wacky” entertainment taking centre stage. There will also be footage of naked people beamed from a large screen, and kinky live cabaret performances.

According to Cutler, getting through the evening while attached to your other half – having to eat at the same time and help each other to drink – could be the foundation for something extra special.

“Spending the night in handcuffs is a good basis for a rock-solid marriage,” he says. “You might get proposed to at the end of it – it’s happened before.

“Those who manage to stay attached for the entire night will win a spectacular prize, and those who unlock themselves will be shown just how love can tear them apart.”

If, however, this sounds like your idea of hell, and you prefer your love interests not so clingy, pull on your running shoes. Sports shop RunBreeze is hosting a speed dating event with a difference. Runners will be pounding the pavement alongside other singles at Battersea Park’s Millennium Track on February 10. Participants will run 200m with each ‘date’ and must cover the distance in two minutes, 30 seconds. If you’re super-speedy and think that sounds like a long time (or you don’t like your date), run faster and move on to your next potential partner.

You’ll find yourself discussing anything from your best running times and favourite routes to things more off-topic. If you like what you see in one of your running partners, providing the same goes for them, the organisers will share your details.

The event was dreamed up by RunBreeze co-founder and personal trainer Richard Edmonds, who says you only need to be single and enjoy running to go participate.

“I see so many runners in London, he says. ”Young girls, guys, running alone, so I thought, ‘they all have this thing in common, let’s get them together’.”

Will you be in the running for love? Good luck.

Love Will Tear Us Apart, Mon, Feb 14, 7pm. £59
W10 5QZ 
Tube: Westbourne Park

RunBreeze speed dating, Thur, Feb 10, 7.30pm. £10
SW11 4NJ  
Tube: Battersea Park