The daring, or to put it more accurately, utterly stupid, antics were filmed on a mobile phone in Canada.

An onlooker says “Man, you guys are f**ked”. His friend helpfully passes this on, saying “Red you’re f**ked” 

Stating the bleeding obvious once again his helpful friend who’s filming the prank says “I imagine you’re gonna die, you’re underneath the f**kin’ train”

The adventurous death-defier, is seen under a long freight train as the wheel pass in front of his face. 

At first ‘Red’ waits for an opportune moment to throw his satchel through a gap as the steel wheels thunder pass. Then, following the advice of his friend he makes a break for it between the wheels.

Watch the thoroughly idiotic but quite thrilling stunt in the video below – and don’t try this at home, kids. Seriously.

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