41-year-old Gilberto Araujo is a car washer, and looks extremely similar to another car washer in the area – Genivaldo Santos Gama.

Araujo’s brother Jose even identified the dead man as his brother at the morgue after a phone call from police explaining that he had tragically been shot to death.

Apparently, Araujo hadn’t been seen by his family for three months before his  supposed ‘death’.

One of Araujo’s friends saw him in the area and told him that there was a funeral being held for him. He rush in to the event and caused a huge kerfuffle. Of course, after everyone had calmed down, they were delighted that it wasn’t Araujo in the box.

“I am overjoyed,” Gilberto’s mother, Marina, said to ABC News. “What mother wouldn’t be after being told that her son is dead and then sees him alive.”

Genivaldo Santos Gama was apparently the dead man at Araujo’s funeral.

Picture: YouTube