Dan Coudreaut is an Executive Chef at McDonald’s in Canada – yes, he wears a chef’s white jacket and everything! It’s just like a real restaurant!

Coudreaut explains how to make a Big Mac at home, to emphasise the point that the famous burger isn’t created with weird ingredients from a secret bunker somewhere under the Pentagon – rather it’s something you can make with regular supermarket or grocery store goods. 

It’s all part of the big M’s PR campaign based around being more open behind the scenes at the fast food giant – like this story about burger photography techniques.

However, the chef neatly avoids the actual question asked by a McDonalds fan – namely what’s in that secret sauce that keeps us going back for more like Big Mac-craving zombies?

Still, he makes a nice effort at putting together something that looks vaguely like a Big Mac in his kitchen – albeit a very plump and healthy looking one.

Whether it tastes in any way similar to the real thing we may never know…

Main images: YouTube/McDonald’s Canada 

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