An exhilarating video shows 22-year-old Lenny slicing through the giant wave using the latest JetSurf Pro Race, which is powered by a 100cc engine capable of achieving speeds of almost 38mph.

Paddle-in surfers struggled on the massive swell and blustery conditions off Pe’ahi, on the north shore of the island of Maui. But Lenny crushed ‘Jaws’ as he rode in from the deep on his 6ft motorised surfboard made of Kevlar and carbon fibre.

Lenny, who lives on Maui, described the experience as “pretty nuts” and says the JetSurf is a cross between a Formula One car and a Jet Ski.

‘Jaws’ earned its nickname because it can be every bit as unpredictable as the shark in Steven Spielberg’s classic film. The giant waves are caused by an underwater ridge, and can be more than 60 feet high.

JetSurf’s Philipp Wolf said: “Kai Lenny needed some extra speed so he took the JetSurf Pro Race for the ultimate test. What Lenny has done with the JetSurf on a super-heavy break like ‘Jaws’ is what top motorsport car manufacturers do on the Nurburgring in Germany. It’s like the ultimate test, and we are proud to have succeeded.”

Wolf said the new JetSurf Pro Race model – developed for advanced riders and competition use – was the culmination of eight years’ development and rigorous testing in all water conditions.

“We had to be absolutely sure the Pro Race would pass the toughest of challenges,” he said. “Our dedicated team of F1 designers and hydro-mechanical engineers know that there’s no margin for error so our equipment has to perform at its best.”

JetSurf has been pushing the boundaries of water sports since it was set up in 2008, and uses parts and components manufactured by Czech company MSR Engines. The board and accessories weigh only 30lb, and the firm claims they are the only motorised water vehicles which can be transported as personal luggage on international and domestic flights.

And the latest machine is fast enough to get you a speeding ticket in your local neighbourhood – so probably best stick to the surf…

Watch the video below…