London’s Biggest Conversation radio station hosted deputy prime minister Nick Clegg who was fielding calls from concerned members of the public. Little did he know BoJo was planning a cheeky ambush to confront him about MPs aversion to using public transport.

The mayor introduced himself on air saying “Hi Nick, it’s Boris here from Islington,” and proceeded to berate government officials who don’t use London’s pubic transport system to get around, instead relying on “posh limousines…paid for by the taxpayer,”

“How can we possibly expect government to vote for increases in infrastructure spending, which we need in this city, and upgrading the tube, which we all need, when they sit in their chauffeur-driven limousines paid for by the taxpayer rather than getting down on public transport with the rest of us?” he continued.

However, the recording was pre-recorded, so Clegg was unable to have an actual conversation with Johnson.

Clegg responded, stating that he believed “we have actually cut the amount of taxpayer money which is used to pay for the cars and everything for ministers by, I think, about 70%.”

Watch the phone-in ambush below.