While we’re doing as much as possible to keep ourselves occupied, there’s only so many things we can bring ourselves to watch on Netflix and a finite amount of banana bread we can eat. As a society that is so accustomed to being out and about, adjusting to life inside has been a hugely difficult transition, but there are a few things to do online that you might not have considered to retain a sense of normality.

1. Play the lottery

Instead of going to the shop to buy lottery tickets during your weekly shop, you can purchase them online. Setting up an account with Lotto Social, for example, not only lets you save money on lottery draws like EuroMillions and Lotto, but you can enter into a syndicate with friends. This can increase your chances of winning and give you something new to do with pals once you’ve exhausted your patience for doing quizzes on Zoom. By entering into a syndicate, your group will purchase multiple tickets together, so if you win, the big jackpot is collectively shared between the group, making it more fun and rewarding.

2. Join an exercise class

Despite lockdown measures, everybody still needs to get their daily exercise. However, with gyms closed for the foreseeable future, DIY alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. Government guidelines state that we’re allowed to spend one hour outside exercising a day, and while that might not seem like a particularly long time, it still gives many people the chance to walk, run and get fit in the park. 

That said, others may prefer to exercise at home with workout videos to mitigate the risk of becoming unwell. But rather than watching old clips, you can take part in live fitness classes with many personal trainers and gyms offering online sessions, from Joe Wicks’ PE  to Barry’s Bootcamp. These are particularly beneficial for those who regularly attend gym classes, as not being able to work out with others may be a hard adjustment. Whether you enjoy yoga, dancing or intense HIIT workouts, there’s a fitness class for everyone, allowing you to come out of lockdown looking more toned and feeling healthier.

3. Go to a (virtual) show

If your favourite band or play has cancelled or postponed an upcoming performance that you had a ticket for, that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck for culture during quarantine. A huge number of artists, from Coldplay to Yungblud, are live-streaming gigs on Instagram and Facebook, letting you experience live music from the comfort of your own home. And since we all know the show must go on, it’s no surprise that West End theatres have also headed online. The National Theatre has teamed up with YouTube to give viewers pre-recorded versions of their shows, while Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre offers a selection of performances online. And, for those who wish to keep their top and tails in use during lockdown, the New York Metropolitan Opera is streaming some of its most prestigious productions free of charge.

4. Support your favourite independent stores

With lockdown procedures leaving many high streets empty, small organisations are doing all they can to keep afloat. That said, it’s been found that almost one fifth of small businesses in the UK are at risk of collapsing, so it’s never been more important to continue supporting businesses during this time. And while you shouldn’t go overboard with the non-essentials, there’s no harm in getting the beers in for the weekend or splashing out on a new outfit for when this is all over, especially if your purchase will help independent outlets stay open.

To migrate the risk, smaller companies are also coming up with novel ways to keep operating, particularly when it comes to bringing their products to their customers. Many local breweries are delivering beer to consumers’ front doors, and London’s indie bookshops are providing free delivery to those in self-isolation. And for those in the mood for a treat, many bakeries are also beginning to take sweet treats (or vegan sausage rolls) right to your doorstep.