It’s always polite to try out food in a foreign country, and the boy band were making an effort to savour the local delicacies on Channel 7 breakfast show Sunrise. Louis Tomlinson had no trouble wolfing down some Carmello chocolate, while Liam Payne easily swallowed a Tim-Tim biscuit.

But the vegetable paste proved more of a challenge for Horan’s English palette, and he was forced to spit it into a napkin. The presenter re-assured him that “our beer is better”.

Horan wasted no time in taking to twitter to tell his followers that he was not a convert to the dark substance. “Can clearly say vegemite is horrible! Like trying new stuff though,” he wrote.

One Direction touched down in Sydney earlier this week after visiting Canada and America. As they arrived at the Channel 7 studios they were greeted by 2000 screaming “directioners”, who were held back from touching the boys by a steel fence.

During their interview, Liam Payne confirmed the lads will be returning to Sydney in 2013 with their full arena tour.


Image: Youtube