However, it’s all dependent on the weather, which is why this year’s much anticipated show of natural beauty was so anticipated – and luckily for keen nature lovers and photographers in California this year it didn’t fail to deliver.

The display happened as the sun set on the historic waterfall at Yosemite’s El Capitan cliff edge at Glacier Point, a site of geographical importance at the National Park which was carved out of the earth by the path of moving glacier over the course of thousands of years.

The natural phenomenon was first recorded by a photographer in 1973. In recent years and thanks to word spreading on the internet more and more lava-spectacle chasers gather to observe and take photos.

Yosemite Park spokesman Soctt Geidman said “The natural activities and occurrences in Yosemite are far more amazing and more valuable than the human-made ones — everything from a sunset to wildlife to rainbows at Vernal Fall. There are a lot of amazing things, and they’re here year after year.”

See a video below.


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