A video showing the extreme adventurer taking on massive waves off the coast of Oregon in the USA has proved to be a big hit online.

“I’ve always admired what big wave surfers can do and it got me thinking, I wonder how it would work if I had a kayak and actually tried to surf those waves, and that’s how it all began,” he said.

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Berman, who normally takes on inland white water kayak challenges, decided that the time had come to head out to sea and take on a new challenge – and now plans to retire from paddling.

“My kayaking career is in the white water department not in the ocean department and I got to a point where I’ve accomplished everything that I wanted in my sport so I knew I needed something new,” the Red Bull-sponsored paddler said. 

US magazine Sports Illustrated labelled the extreme sportsman “the best-known kayaker on the planet”

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The official biggest wave ever surfed on a board according to the Guinness Book of Records is 77ft – a record set in California by surfer Mike Parsons back in 2008.

See the video below (and skip forwards to 1.40 if you’re impatient to get to the wave-riding thrills).