Rose, who was sent off for kicking the ball in to the crowds in frustration, commented after the game that he could hear monkey chants being directed at him during the game

The Serbian FA have posted a video online entitled ‘Danny Rose is lying to whom?’ which questions his claim that he was subjected to racist jeers every time he touched the ball.

The video is a collection of Rose’s involvement in the game, and runs for just over six minutes in its own, covering moments from the game up to the 76 minute mark.

None of the end of the match, the ensuing melee which led to calls for Serbia to be banned from tournaments for ten years for not controlling their players, staff or fans.

Despite the carefully edited video the Serbian FA have posted, there are countless other videos on YouTube which quite clearly show monkey chants at the game.

Their attempts to discredit Rose appear fairly futile.

Photo: Getty.